Our Certified Translations

When offering certified translations to customers we take pride in providing a high quality service to everyone; we like to guarantee a service we are proud of and our customers are happy with.

Types of Certified Translations

At Omni Translation we specialise in certified translation services which means we are able to provide accurate translations of documents such as:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Divorce Certificates
  • Adoption Papers
  • Immigration Documents
  • Visa Documents

With specialists such as us on hand to help, all your certified translations and needs are taken care of.

When a customer approaches us with a project or task, we:

  • Make sure we are fully clear of the task in hand and what the customer would like; this involves understanding the document that is being translated and its purpose.
  • Provide the best price; all our quotes are competitive and affordable.
  • Take time and effort in translating the documents and that is why we only employ native speakers that are certified in providing translation services. We understand how important it is that all certified translations are accurate and are therefore thorough in our task.
  • Are quick; efficiency is key at Omni Translation and are work to meet the time frame you have for getting the document translated. Often documents are last minute translations and work to meet these deadlines.
  • Send the translated document back to the customer with a stamp of approval to show that it is a certified translation and has been translated by a professional in the field.

Are You Interested in Translation Services?

If you are interested in having a document translated, get in touch. We are always happy to discuss the task with you and can answer any questions you may have in regards to our certified translation services.

Contact us today on +603 8024 7081  to speak to a member of the Omni Translation team.  Alternatively, before committing to the service get a free quote online.

Legal Translation Services in Malaysia

Certified Malaysian Translators Minimize Legal Term Errors

The translation of legal documents can be a bit frustrating, especially when looking online for experienced legal translators. Many services offer a generic translation of text. Often such translation services do not give the proper legal terms.

When looking for a translator you need

• Services that can create legal documents online
• Provide information on how to make a document legal
• Services that provide a certified legal translator
• Provide government translation services
• Has a proven track record with companies worldwide
• Is certified to perform the translation services

Our services provide certified Malaysian translators to minimize the risk of legal errors due to improper translation of legal terms.

Why Legal Translation Services should always be used.

Legal terms can be quite complex in nature. When translating a document, every page must mirror the original text. Failure to do so can result in dismissal of the claim, fines and fees, and in some cases imprisonment.

Online generic translators may be able to provide you with the proper words. Yet, just the proper word translation is not enough when dealing with legal documents. Full translation services should be use to ensure efficiency.
Considerations that go beyond the words

Wordage is only a part of a document. Other considerations need to be addressed when performing any document translation.

The format of the paragraphs and the document. Sections must be placed in the same sequence and in the same style as the original document. Remember, the original document must be mirrored; this includes the structure of the paper as well as the words.
Placement Signatures, stamps, and seals are required at specific locations within the document.
Language barriers and cultural terms. Where a translation may provide you with the proper word, it may not be the proper term. For example: If the legal document states that your hair is brown but the translation says that you have browned your hair, there is a difference in the term. One implies that you have naturally brown hair while the other implies you have dyed your hair brown.
The Type of Legal Document. Depending upon what document is being filed, the terminology and the structure may vary. Certain documents may require additional information in one country to make the document legal.

Where you are mirroring the original document, if additional points and expounding is needed a certified translator needs to be able to accommodate this need.

Allocating translations outside of your legal department

Those which need to have translations for their business should allocate their translations to a certified service. By allocating outside of your legal department you allow your department to focus on the things that really matter.

Time spent on translating documents by legal professionals who do not know or understand the language being translated can cause errors, time, and money. Company’s legal departments should not be used as the primary translators of legal documents as they:

• Typically are not identified with translation of international documents
• Will have to outsource the translation to another legal department if they do not know the language
• Can produce errors if trying to format the document to their country’s standard
• If a legal term is unknown research and time must be allocated
• If not certified in Malaysian Translation, the courts may require that a certified translator review the documents to confirm that the legal document was mirrored correctly.

This would result in time and money being lost.

Get it translated right the first time

Omni-Translation offers certified Malaysian translators who can assist you with your legal document translation. The company has been used by several prominent companies worldwide.

Their translators have at least 5 years of experience handling documents on both the individual level as well as the business level. If you are in need of legal document translation services from an online company you can trust to deliver, we can help.

Should you have any questions about Malaysian Translators for legal documents, or any of the 30 languages which we are certified to help you in please let us know. Our website www.omni-translation.com has resources and information. You can also contact us directly.

We will be more than happy to explain our services to you and help you decide what the correct action to take is.

Certified Translation Services in Malaysia

Looking for a certified translator in Malaysia?

Do you need an official translation agency to translate and certify your birth certificate, marriage certificates or other official documents?

Want to save money and be certain your documents will be accepted by courts, embassies, migration agencies and government agencies?

Look no further. Omni-Translation is Malaysia’s fastest and most affordable translation agency.

Submit your documents online, get a quote and receive your translated certificates in 24 hours or less!

certificate translation process

What is a Certified Translation / Certified Document?

In order to use an official document (eg a birth certificate or marriage certificate) in a court, embassy or government agency it is vital that it has been translated to the native language of that country; for example, if you wish to use the your Malay Birth Certificate in England it must be translated into English. Additionally, it is required that the document is translated by a certified individual or company, like Omni.

Watch the following video of a quick overview

We guarantee acceptance

At Omni–Translation we offer a 100% money back guarantee so you can have total confidence in us – if our translation is not accepted we will give you your money back. Since 2002, we have certified hundreds of documents for many satisfied customers. We guarantee acceptance by the Australian, American, Canadian, UK embassies and 14 other embassies here in Malaysia, please check with us.

Translation and Certification Samples

Examples of documents requiring certified translation include:
• Birth certificates
• Marriage certificates
• Divorce certificate
• Police record/reports
• Academic degree
• Adoption papers
• Immigration Documents
• Driving License, etc
All documents are translated by professional native translators. We stamp them with a certification stamp and return them with an additional certificate attesting that they have been translated by a Certified translator in Malaysia.

Contact Us For Certified Translations

Get in touch with Omni Translation today for certified translations. We are easily contactable on +603 8024 7081 or alternatively contact us online. If you need a certified translation and can’t see your required language online, let us know and we will be able to help.