Birth Certificate Translation in Malaysia: 30 Languages Available

Get your Birth Certificate translated into any languanges

Your birth certificate identifies you as being a legitimate part of society. And where there is no denying that a person exists or does not exist, there can be discrepancies as to a person’s name, age, race, and place of birth.

Having a certified birth certificate translation of your original birth certificate is one way in which to minimize the risk of error. Omni Translation is based in Malaysia and offers such services.

Why should you translate your original birth certificate?

As Malaysia is diversified in its languages, it may be required that a person seeking benefits, filing legal documents, or getting married present a birth certificate in that regions dominate dialect. Local governments and magistrates will often require that a certified translation of birth certificate be presented when filing any legal documentation. Only those translations which have been certified will be considered valid. You may also need to have a birth certificate for:

• Hospital Services
• Adoption
• Will & Testaments
• Custody Filings
• Proof of Paternity
• Employment Promotions or Transfers of Employment

How do I get a birth Certificate?

Because a birth certificate helps to authenticate who you are, they are not just given out to anyone who asks for them.

You will be required to prove who you are when you attempt to gain a birth certificate. Typically, you are required to present one or more of the following:

1. Valid Picture ID (This can be a driver’s license or a passport)
2. Bill with your name on it
3. Proof of Residency
4. Social Security Card
5. Marriage Certificate

Of course, if you are trying to obtain any of the above there may be some difficulty if you do not have at least one of the items. If you fall into this category, consider acquiring a certificate of a parent showing your lineage.

Where do I get a Birth Certificate?

Birth Certificates are considered to be public but restricted records. This means that you can have access to the record for viewing, but to gain a copy of the record you will need to go to a building in which public records are kept. Usually, these records are stored at the archive building, the hospital in which you were born, or filed with the local magistrate.

Please note that there is usually a fee involved in obtaining a certified copy of your birth certificate and that you may be limited to the number of copies available.

What is the difference in a certified translation and an uncertified translation?

Birth Certificates have to be certified in order for them to be considered authentic. Where a person can have a birth certificate translated for their personal records without certification, the document has no legal merit. Only official translation of a birth certificate which has been notarized or stamped as being a certified copy can be presented for legal purposes or for verification of identity.

Where can I translate a birth Certificate?

When seeking a translator for a birth certificate you should look for an agency that has the experience and certifications do perform the task. The agency should be well rounded in their language selections available and have years of experience in handling both legal as well as domestic document translation. If you are seeking document translation online, ensure that your document will be sent through a secure source. Remember, this is your identity. Do not give it away to just anyone.

Look for locations that:

• Based in the area (such as being based in Malaysia).
• If the company is based online ensure that your document will be secure
• Do not outsource your document to other companies
• Is certified
• Can be verified through their client portfolio

Do you need to have your original birth certificate or certified copy translated?

We can help!!
Omni-Translation offers certified translation birth certificates for those which can present their original or certified copy of their birth certificate.

Our company has years of experience with each member having a minimum of 5 years of translation. As we are based in Malaysia, we are diverse in the language of that region. We offer 30 different language translation options.

And where we cannot offer instantaneous translations, we can offer you a personalized viewing and translation of your document to ensure quality every time with turnarounds averaging 48 hours or less.
Should you have any questions about how to translate your birth certificate please let us know. To find out more about our company please contact us directly or visit our website

Information on our services and professionalism may also be found through our informative video on youtube . We look forward to helping you with your document translation needs.