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What is a Certified Translation / Certified Document?

In order to use an official document (eg a birth certificate or marriage certificate) in a court, embassy or government agency it is vital that it has been translated to the native language of that country; for example, if you wish to use the your Malay Birth Certificate in England it must be translated into English. Additionally, it is required that the document is translated by a certified individual or company, like Omni.

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We guarantee acceptance

At Omni–Translation we offer a 100% money back guarantee so you can have total confidence in us – if our translation is not accepted we will give you your money back. Since 2002, we have certified hundreds of documents for many satisfied customers. We guarantee acceptance by the Australian, American, Canadian, UK embassies and 14 other embassies here in Malaysia, please check with us.

Translation and Certification Samples

Examples of documents requiring certified translation include:
• Birth certificates
• Marriage certificates
• Divorce certificate
• Police record/reports
• Academic degree
• Adoption papers
• Immigration Documents
• Driving License, etc
All documents are translated by professional native translators. We stamp them with a certification stamp and return them with an additional certificate attesting that they have been translated by a Certified translator in Malaysia.

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Get in touch with Omni Translation today for certified translations. We are easily contactable on +603 8024 7081 or alternatively contact us online. If you need a certified translation and can’t see your required language online, let us know and we will be able to help.