FAQ on Certified Translation and Notarization

FAQ on Certified Translation and Notarization

We receive calls and emails from customers daily regarding the translation of official documents (eg birth certificates, marriage certificates, graduation certificates, diplomas, degrees, divorce certificates, divorce agreements, etc.). Appended below are our answers to some frequently asked questions:


What is an Official Translation (Certified Translation)?

a) A translation done by the Embassy of the document-issuing country.

b) A translation is done by a private translation company that is notarized by a local Notary Public.

c) A translation done by a private translation company that is endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Putrajaya).

In our experience and feedback from many of our clients, you will not get much help from a) above. We have been providing certified translations since 2002, there are many embassies in Malaysia that accept our signed ‘Certified True Translation’ attestation. The company details, name of the person signing, and contact details are stated in the certification. Some may require the translation to be signed by a notary public.

If you require endorsement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia. We cannot help. Please visit their website for more details.

1) What about notarization?

Our translated documents can be taken to any Notary Public for signature. They charge an estimated RM40/-

2) Do I really need to get my translated documents notarized?

It really depends, please check with your requester.

3) Do I need to produce my original certificates in order to notarize my translation?

Usually yes, they will want to see the original

4) How do I get a quotation from you? Do I need to bring my original documents to your office?

You can get a quotation from us in 2 simple steps:

 Step 1: Scan or take a good picture of your documents using a smart device

Step 2:  Email the documents to info@omni-translation.com

We will send you a quotation within 24 hours with details on how to proceed with the order


Some General FAQs:-

1. What can you translate?

At Omni Translation Service, we translate anything from a 100-word product description to 50,000-word technical manuals. Our professionals have successfully delivered translated projects of advertising, legal document, pharmaceutical, automotive, public relations, business card, medical, technical, patent, and scientific fields in over 30 language pairs. We have certified and native speakers as translators in our company to translate, notarized, and certified documents in one place.

2. Are your translations certified?

Yes, our translators are certified and have a minimum of 5 years of work experience in translating field. Our certified translations are recognized by Australian, American, Canadian, Singapore, and 11 other embassies in Malaysia. Apart from our trusted service, we provide a 100% money-back guarantee on the acceptance of the documents.

3. How do I order a certified translation?

Ordering a certified translation service from our company is easy. Use your smartphone to scan or snapshot documents to translate. Upload that file with a secured online form on the website. Make the payment according to the quotation we send you. Our translators will deliver the assignment within 24-48 hours.

4. How much does a translation cost?

We provide 100% accurate and error-free translation services at unbeatable prices. The price of translation service depends on several factors, but our rate starts from RM 0.30 per word. We assure you to provide quality translation at competitive prices.

5. How many words can you translate per day?

It really depends on the urgency of the job. We can assign multiple translators to a job to expedite the process. On average a single translator can translate and edit about 1500 words per day

6. What guarantees do you give?

Best Value: We offer a price matching guarantee and will match the quote from any reputable translation agency in Malaysia.
Accuracy: We take great pride in our work and will rework the translation if you are not 100% satisfied
Confidentiality: We will be happy to sign an NDA and will not divulge the contents of your projects to anyone

We assure to provide the following benefits to each client:
• 100% accuracy for general and notarized documents translation service
• Money-back guarantee on certified translator service
• Delivery of project within 24 to 48 hours ( may depend on the size of the project)
• Competitive pricing, starting from RM 0.30 per word.

7. Which languages do you support?

We have an experienced and skilled team of 150+ translators across 30 languages. Here is the list of languages that our native translators can work with localized touch: Malay, Bengali, Nepalese, Italian, Chinese, French, Turkish, Portuguese, Khmer, Singhalese, Swedish, Japanese, German, Thai, Arabic, Korean, Russian, Urdu, Czech, Indonesian, Spanish, Danish, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Burmese, Dutch, Lao, Hungarian, Hindi, Finnish, Swedish, Punjabi, Tagalong, Greek, and Polish.

8. Do you offer transcription services?

Yes, we currently offer only English transcription services to clients.

9. Are Rush rates Available?

Yes, we accept urgent jobs. We charge an additional 50% for a rush job.

10. What is the danger of using free online Translators?

Many risks are associated with using free online translators than a human translator in translating documents. Here are some of the dangers that you may face:

• Automated translation systems can’t understand the text and unable to offer a human touch to a document.
• Translation machines can’t customize and personalize materials for a specific audience
• Chances of errors in sentences and grammar increase in online translators than human professionals
• Not safe to translate sensitive and legal documents that require specialization
• Low reliability and trust than professional translation services

11. Do you translate PDF files?

We accept most editable file formats. We may charge extra for non-editable files including PDF files

12. Is Google Translate safe to use?

Although Google translate can convert over 100 languages, its accuracy and reliability are often questioned. Languages experts do not suggest using Google translate as an alternative to traditional translator service, especially while converting sensitive business and legal documents. The machine can’t add cultural values and customize messages which the local audience can appreciate.

13. Why should you not use Google Translate for business?

Google translate may be suitable for small scale translation but not for highly sensitive and business document translation. Conversion of the highly sensitive document containing personal information on an open source is not a wise idea. The discretion of materials may be adversely affected between partners and vendors. Machine translation, like Google, is not customized for a specific need. The software often provides an inaccurate and ridiculous output, which may not be suitable for any business to greet its customer. There is a high chance of mistranslation and errors in documents causing severe implications later. Google translation system can’t understand the text and is not free from bugs. There is no alternative to traditional translators to get customized and industry-specific documents translated in local languages.

14. What is the difference between Certified Translations and Notarized Translations?

Notarization is an official process used to ensure the document’s authenticity and credibility between transaction parties. Notarized translations can be done by any qualified translator but require an official seal of Notary Public for its approval.

The certified translations are meant for the conversion of legal documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, adoption paper, and visa documents. Certified translators are necessary to translate and certify documents for official uses with a stamp of an authorized officer. Qualified translators are essential to translate legal documents.

15. What makes you different from other translation agencies?

At the Omni Translation service, we have an experienced team of certified translators and native speakers who can provide translation services across 30 language pairs. We believe that nothing can beat an experienced translator in crafting accurate and error-free documents for official and business purposes. With a proven track-record of providing quality translation at unbeatable prices, we aim to provide the best translation experience to every client.

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