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Omni-translation is a full-service translation agency. We have been helping the world’s leading brands grow their sales in Chinese speaking countries since 2002.
Our trusted network of Chinese Translators is native speakers. Our team of Expert Chinese Translators all have specific expertise, skills and relevant background to handle projects that require a deep understanding of specific industries. You can expect fluent and culturally appropriate translations from our translators
Every translation is supported by our guaranteed quality assurance.

We offer:
• A fast turnaround for short deadlines
• Accurate Chinese translations into Simplified and Traditional Chinese
• Industry expertise in major sectors – SDS, Legal, Medical, Fintech, etc
• A real understanding of your Chinese translation challenge – technical, marketing or contractual
• Great value for money!

How to get professional English to Chinese translation service?

Businesses that communicate in the native tongue of their audience experience higher brand recall, brand confidence, and conversions.

Why hire native Chinese Translators /Translation Service?

The Chinese language is complicated, with many regional variations and dialects. There are some local languages each having regional vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. Words and sentences are often needed to be rearranged in the local languages owing to the difference in language syntax.

Additionally, the Chinese language focuses more on meaning than formal cohesion as necessary in English grammar. These are essential nuances for a translator to know and translate a document with 100% accuracy and quality. The task of translating English to Chinese will be an uphill task for a non-native speaker without knowing these rules. Hence, certified native speakers are the best choices for translation projects.

The demand for Chinese translation services has grown manifold over the years. Language Service Providers (LSP) employing native speakers can translate legal, business, advertising, technical, medical, IT, and other documents. Native translators are the first choice to translate Chinese to English in acceptable forms for legal and official purposes. That is because native translators can understand the nuance of their mother tongue language, and deliver better and quality document translation while maintaining the original context.

Top LSP for Chinese Translation

A competent LSP / translation agency maintains the accuracy and quality of documents besides delivering a project within the deadline. Our translation service is one such premiere translation agency in Malaysia known for quality translation services. The agency has over 150 skilled professionals to provide translation services across 30 language pairs fast and at unbeatable prices.

Want quality and accurate Chinese translation services? Our translation agency has become the preferred destination for individuals and businesses.

Contact us now for all your translation service requirements.

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