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Why Omni-Translation?
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English to Spanish Translation

Translate from English to Spanish with peace of mind, we guarantee only native translators will work on your project. Our Spanish translators are carefully handpicked and have at least 5 years of experience. This enables us to offer the highest quality translation service. Many SMEs and multinational companies from Penang, Johor and Selangor rely on us to provide accurate Spanish Translation services.

Translate to Spanish
Reach new markets and audiences

Instil confidence, engage your customers and penetrate into new markets when you communicate in the native language of your audience. Reap the following benefits with quality translation:

  • instil confidence and improve engagement,
  • attract new sales, consumers or users,
  • expand your business into new markets,
  • higher brand penetration/recall.

Invest in Spanish Translation and Get Big Returns … up to 3x more sales

  • Customers are 3x as likely to buy when addressed in their native language
  • Customer service costs drop when instructions are shown in the user's native language
  • Visitors stay twice as long on websites with content in their native tongues
  • High quality translations enhance your company's brand image while low quality translations do more harm to a brand's image than no translation at all

We Have Spanish Translators Specialising in Different Industries

In addition to requiring 5 years of translation experience, our Spanish translators are also screened for specific industry experience. These are some industries we translate for:

Automotive translations:
Technical documentation, user guides, marketing brochures
Financial Translations:
Banking translations
Technical Translations:
MSDS, machinery, mechanical and electrical engineering
ICT Translations:
Software and hardware-related document translations
Legal Translations:
Contracts and other legal documents translations
Marketing Translations:
Advertising & PR materials
Medical Translations:
Pharmaceutical text translations, Informed Consent forms for clinical trials

Certified Spanish Translation Services | Notarisation

A certified translation is the translation of a document which is typically required for official use by-government bodies / embassies. Examples of documents requiring certified translation include:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce certificate
  • Police record/reports
  • Power of attorney
  • Translation of wills
  • Academic degree
  • Adoption papers
  • Immigration Documents
  • Legal contract

Omni-Translation will translate the documents, stamp them with our company stamp and return them with a certificate attesting that they have been translated by a qualified translator.

Quality Guaranteed, Certified Translation from Omni-Translation

Our Guarantee -
High Quality + Best Price + On-Time Delivery

  • We take great pride in providing our clients with high quality translations at unbeatable prices.
  • We will match the quote from any reputable translation agency in Malaysia.
  • We will rework the translation if you are not 100% satisfied.
  • We will give you a 10% discount if we do not deliver on time.
  • We will not divulge the contents of you projects to anyone or contact your clients directly.

Our Triple Guarantee: Accuracy, Best Price, Native Translators